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Who doesn't love Cakes! It's a treat for everybody, whether you have a sweet tooth or not. You never say no to Cakes! Spongy, creamy or both, cakes fill your taste buds with a soft rush of sweetness and your heart with warmth. 

When customized, these cakes can be a splendid delight to the eyes as well! The aroma of a freshly baked cake in a cake shop makes your head dizzy and your tummy grumble.

As these words make you salivate and crave for a cake right away, let's get a grip on how and where to buy the best cake variants, especially our favorite Durian Cakes!

Singapore and Durians

The island city-state off southern Peninsula of Malaysia, Singapore is a globally renowned with colonial foundation. It is a financial hub with grand buildings such as City Hall. Malaysia has a tropical climate which supplements the growth of Durian, the king of fruits from June to August. 

Singapore’s multicultural population adores this fruit and it is used in various dishes, cuisines and in cakes too! This king of fruit belonging to the genus Durio (thus the name) had seen a rise in the first half of the year already and its imports have been exceeding thereafter throughout the year. 

As a matter of fact, Durian sellers and buyers have noticed an increase in the quality of Durians and decrease in its prices. The reason for this bumper crop is the good weather in Malaysia as per the latest figures from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA). 

The abundance of Durians is overwhelming with 8900 tons of fresh and chilled durians being imported into Singapore (8,300 tons from Malaysia and 600 tons from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and other countries). This has been incredibly more than what was imported last year. In turn, this has seen a rise in Durian infused dishes and cuisines. Cakes and desserts are no exception!

Whether it is tea time or party time, Durian cakes never fail to disappoint. Durian Cakes include butter, sugar, mashed Durian (Yum! Yum!), egg yolks and egg whites. The cacophony of flavors can just blow your mind away! 

A durian itself has subtle hints of powdered sugar with a strong smell and essence of chives. You have a blast of savory, sweet and creamy all at once in your mouth with a single bite of a durian cake.

Other than the yummy Durian cake you could also try the following cake variants:

● Cakes made of pristine whipped chocolate cream and ganache luxury hazelnuts, praline.
● Strawberry Shortcake and Souffle
● Strawberry Tofu Cheesecake
● Delicate and tantalizing green tea mascarpone mousse with chestnut cream
● Tiramisu
● Chocolate sponge and bitter chocolate mousse
● Chocolate lava cake
● Red Velvet Cake
● Brownie Bottom Cheesecake
● Dark Chocolate Banana Cake

With so many options for cakes and desserts in Singapore, you'll definitely be spoiled for choice!

Attributes of a Good Cake Shop in Singapore

A good cake shop must bake fresh and stunning cakes crafted with fresh and natural ingredients. 

Make sure you ask the cake vendor significant questions such as what additives such as baking powder, baking soda and the like are used. 

Choose a cake shop that refrains from using too much of additives that are not good for the health. 

You could pick those that use natural aromatic and pure ingredients such as 100% unadulterated butter, premium Madagascar vanilla, another essence etc. Any flavor or color used for the cake should be sourced correctly. 

You could find exquisite and reputed cake shops in Singapore that use Swiss buttercream frosting and the like derived from fresh fruit and flowers ingredients. 

The health-conscious folks could also find cake shops that deliver low-calorie cakes. 

Nowadays, Custom birthday cakes are in rage. You can customize as per your likes and dislikes! For instance, low GI (glycemic index) cakes wherein organic coconut sugar is utilized.

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